Opening In 2nd Oct, 2020

Open-air scenic bath

Hot Springs

Luxuriate in true relaxation.

We have two open-air scenic baths and three reservable baths of varying styles to let you fully enjoy these renowned hot springs. We focused on designing the baths in harmony with the surrounding landscape to blend seamlessly with some of the best scenery in Hakone. The open-air scenic baths are some of the largest in Gora, allowing you to take in the majestic natural surroundings If you’re looking for more privacy, relax in the reservable baths with garden views. After a good, long soak, unwind with a cold drink and finger food, or stroll around the terrace. At Karaku, we invite you to let go of all your worries and unwind to your heart’s content.

Open-air scenic bath Reservable baths
Open-air scenic bath

Open-air scenic bath

Vibrant scenes of nature unfold before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and embrace the tranquility.

Reservable baths

Reservable baths

Spend your precious time with a loved one. Leave the ordinary world behind and treat yourself to the ultimate luxury.

Development at Gora Hot Springs started when spring water was first drawn from the crater of Mt. Soun in 1894, and with the extension of the Hakone Tozan Railway, Gora Hot Springs prospered as an area for luxury villas. Gora Hot Springs is also known as a place steeped in culture, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in reading and the tea ceremony while spending time with nature and in the hot springs. Karaku’s source is a salt water spring that has been loved by guests to the hot springs since ancient times. This gives the spring water a quality that make your skin feel pleasantly smooth and the characteristic known as “netsunoyu” (hot bath) where the spring water stays hot and warms your body to its core.

Hot spring water quality
Sodium-chloride hot springs / hypotonic / neutral / high temperature

Effective for these ailments
Cuts, peripheral circulatory disturbances, sensitivity to cold, depression, dry skin, etc.