Opening In 2nd Oct, 2020

The Japanese aesthetic sensibility finds beauty in the quiet spaces in between.A journey of the spirit to liberate the senses.

The Japanese aesthetic sensibility finds beauty in the quiet spaces in between.
A journey of the spirit to liberate the senses.

Starting July 1st, 2020,
the hot spring inn Hakone Gora Karaku
will begin taking reservations.

Karaku is a hot spring inn that fuses the best of two worlds—the serene, tranquil atmosphere nestled in the vast natural landscape of Gora, and the comfort of modern conveniences. In addition to the open-air hot spring baths in every guest room, there are also three reservable baths, as well as two scenic open-air baths on the top floor where you can gaze in awe at some of the best views of Hakone. Take in the natural essence of Gora while relaxing on the terrace with a stream flowing through it, as well as one where you can marvel at the radiantly green scenery of the mountains. You can also enjoy the stylish lounge and spa. Indulge yourself in a feast prepared using generous amounts of seasonal ingredients. We offer lodging experiences that you will fondly remember for a lifetime.
— Opening In 2nd Octorber, 2020

Hot springs

Luxuriate in true relaxation.

Hot springs heal the core of your body and spirit, easing your travel fatigue. We have six baths of varying styles to offer you a truly relaxing experience while soaking in the spirit-cleansing hot springs of Gora. Our hot spring baths offer unparalleled relaxation—whenever you want, for as long as you want. The scenic open-air baths offer breathtaking views, allowing you to truly absorb the wondrous natural environment. The reservable baths offer you a precious private moment that you’ll treasure. The open-air hot spring baths in the guest rooms let you enjoy the luxurious experience all to yourself.

Guest Room

A moment of tranquility
in the midst of the vitality of nature.

The spacious guest rooms are about 56 square meters. Kick off your shoes and relax—we offer rooms that make use of traditional furnishings, while providing modern comfort. Beyond the refined atmosphere of the room is scenery that will capture your attention like a breathtaking work of art. The balcony is equipped with an open-air hot spring bath, giving you the pleasure of private relaxation that is beyond the realm of the ordinary. Here at Karaku, we guarantee an experience of unparalleled serenity and relaxation.

Delux Room with a Open Air bath (Western Style)
  • Guest Room

    Guest Room

    The East Building commands a view extending to Sagami Bay, and the West Building offers close proximity to the surrounding natural wonders. All rooms in both buildings have open-air hot spring baths. Select your room based on your preferences. We offer Japanese-Western tatami-floor rooms that invoke an intimate ambiance, as well as stylish Western-style rooms.

  • Hot springs

    Hot springs

    Enjoy the smooth, silky hot spring water of Hakone to your heart’s content, and warm your body to the core. We invite you to explore our six varieties of baths—two scenic open-air baths with spectacular views, three reservable baths with views of an elegantly arranged garden, and the open-air hot spring baths in the guest rooms.

  • Dining


    There are two dining options to choose from for breakfast and dinner: Mutsuki, the main restaurant where you can enjoy fresh Japanese ingredients prepared in a variety of ways, and Tomura, the grill where you can enjoy the chef’s dynamic performance.

  • Experience


    Unwind on the terrace where you can bask in the refreshing greenery and the gentle murmuring of the stream, or in the quiet, relaxing guest lounge. Enjoy the inn’s facilities to the fullest. Enjoy the Five Elements Spa, a unique experience where an expert therapist performs treatment by hand.