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Free your mind and body and let your spirit flow. Synergetic effects of the hot springs and the Five Elements Spa.

Soak in the hot springs sourced from the dynamic energy of the land of Gora, Hakone. Then, get a luxurious treatment by hand by a therapist who’s mastered the biorhythms of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The sublime combination of hot springs and the Five Elements Spa can only be experienced at Gora Spa Aioi. Correct the balance of your body and spirit, and let your true, healthy inner beauty emerge.

Menu Special plan

Gora Spa AIOI signature program

Aligning your inner biorhythm in a way that agrees with your unique elements.

Based on the ancient Five Elements theory, this program is based on the idea that all things are composed of five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—which influence and circulate around each other. The program is customized for each guest depending on their unique elemental arrangement. To warm yourself up beforehand, soak in the private silk bath to let your body and mind unwind, and then enjoy a luxurious spa treatment by an expert therapist.

* The required time for the signature program includes 30 minutes for the time spent in the private bath.

  • Body Treatment

    Body Treatment

    Enjoy a deep massage on every corner of your body
    with the Five Elements aromatherapy.

    Three types of body treatments are available to suit your body and mind according to your unique elemental arrangement. The fragrance of selected fine aromas and the long, smooth strokes of an experienced therapist will relieve your fatigue and stress.

  • Facials


    Gently treat sagging skin and turn it into vibrant, glowing skin.

    There are three types of facials using Elemental Herbology skincare products: moisture care, lift-up, and aging support. The treatments help balance your skin, which is always changing due to the environment, weather, and lifestyle, and make it healthier.

  • Men's


    Revive both your body and spirit. Enjoy the fine-quality therapeutic experience at this men's spa.

    A special men's spa treatment menu is available, including a body treatment that is tailored to the male physique and muscle structure, as well as a facial that cleanses the skin. Enjoy a luxurious treatment that will thoroughly soothe the fatigue accumulated in your daily life.

  • Pair Package

    Pair Package

    With your friend, or with your partner. Enjoy a moment of bliss together in the pair room.

    We also offer spa treatments in pair rooms where you can forget your daily stress and relax. Enjoy a refined moment of relaxation for two, with a friend or as a couple.

Business Hours
Treatment 14:30~22:30 Last call 21:00 (Priority for guests with reservations)
Our spa treatments are priority for guests with reservations. Please call, beforehand to make reservations and/or for inquiries during our business hours. Please feel free to contact us for same-day appointments.
TEL: +81-460-83-8505
Please arrive at your appointment time. Please acknowledge that lateness by the guest will result in a reduction of the treatment time whilst the full treatment fee will apply
Spa Customers
We offer treatments for both men and women.
Please kindly notify us for cancellations or changes by 20:00 the day before your appointment. Failure to do so may result in a 100% cancellation fee.
Communication with our guests is highly valued at our spa. If you have questions regarding menus or do not know which menu is suitable, please feel free to ask our therapists for a consultation. If you have a special request, please inform us in advance when making a reservation
Health Condition
Please inform us if you have any medical conditions, including being on your period, allergies, high blood pressure, on medication, having had alcohol, sunburn or special needs/attention such as being pregnant or breastfeeding when making a reservation. Depending on your health condition, your treatment may be refused or modified.
Personal Belongings/Valuables
Lockers are not available at our spa. Please keep your belongings and valuables in the safety deposit box at hotel front desk or in your room. Please acknowledge that our hotel/spa cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your personal belongings/valuables.
Spa Shop
Both hotel guests and visitors are welcomed to visit and shop at our spa Shop.
Spa Etiquette
Our spa is a place of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect the silence and privacy of other spa guests by refraining from using cell phones /cameras in our spa. Smoking is prohibited. Our spa reserves the right to refuse service or discontinue service to anyone demonstrating behavior that is perceived to be inappropriate by any member of our staff and/or other guests.
The treatments are not medical treatments. The results will vary accordingly to the individual.