Opening In 2nd Oct, 2020

Open-Air Hot Spring Baths Attached To Guest Rooms
Living Room
Living Room

Guest Room

A moment of tranquility
in the midst of the vitality of nature.

The 70 guest rooms in the East Building and the West Building, each with different designs and views, all have luxurious open-air hot spring baths. The spacious rooms are about 56 square meters in size, each arranged in an elegant manner with all the modern comforts you expect. Take off your shoes and take a step inside—an exquisite and quintessentially Japanese scenery will reveal itself. Lose track of time while sitting by the window or on the balcony gazing at the sun transform the colors of the trees. Their appearance also transforms as the seasons change. A new experience awaits every time you visit.

East Building West Building
East Building

East Building

The spectacular view from this building will take your breath away. The scenery of interwoven mountains is like a work of art.

The East Building offers a view of the valley below, and beyond the lush greenery of the mountains, an expansive view of Sagami Bay unfolds before your eyes. The scenery will capture your heart, and lift your spirit the moment you arrive. Immerse yourself in the majestic natural surroundings while soaking in the spacious open-air hot spring baths to ease your body and spirit.

West Building

West Building

The lush, green scenery outside the window will capture your attention, like a work of art. Surrounded by the blessings of nature.

The West Building is surrounding by the lush greenery of trees so close that you can almost touch them from the rooms and the open-air hot spring baths. The interior is arranged in a graceful manner to give you a feeling of seamless connection to the nature that surrounds you. Spending time here will refresh your senses.


  • Original Beds

    Original Beds

    Sink your body into a quality mattress.
    Spend your entire day in comfort, from beginning to end.

    Our beds use pocket-coil mattresses from the leading US mattress manufacturer, Serta. While the brand originates in the US, the mattresses made in Japan are made with Breathfort urethane, which is a more advanced version of memory foam. Surrender your body to a pleasant night of gentle, deep sleep.

  • Original Bathroom Amenities

    Original Bathroom Amenities

    Bask in elegant fragrances.
    Enjoy our special bathroom amenities that you can only find here.

    The original bathroom amenities that we have in all of our rooms use original blended aroma oils, mainly featuring scents of rose geranium, cedarwood, and orange. The moment you open the bottle, the sweet, rich fragrances will leave a luxurious scent lingering in the air. We also focused on the quality of the packaging.

  • Our SDGs Policy

    Our SDGs Policy

    Building on small acts of compassion.
    What we can do for the planet, right now.

    At Karaku, we recognize the importance of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which were created at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. For example, our efforts to care for the environment include using ink extracted from plant-derived ingredients for the paper products and amenity packaging used in guestrooms, and recyclable bottles for drinks in guestroom refrigerators instead of plastic bottles.

Open-Air Hot Spring Baths Attached To Guest Rooms

Enjoy your very own scenery.

Open-Air Hot Spring Baths Attached To Guest Rooms

We equipped the balcony of each room with its own open-air hot spring bath to ensure you can fully enjoy Hakone’s renowned hot springs to your heart’s content. Relax in the hot spring baths that offer a different experience from the scenic open-air baths or the reservable baths. Indulge in the exquisite scenery all to yourself while taking your time soaking in the hot spring bath. Listen to the gentle rustling of the trees and the chirping of the birds, gaze at the reddening sky as the sun sets, and cleanse your spirit under tranquil moonlight or a sky full of stars. Let yourself forget about the time, and experience leisure at your own pace. A precious moment that will leave an impression on your soul awaits.