Opening In 2nd Oct, 2020

The Forest Terrace

The Forest Terrace

Cleanse your spirit in the tranquil ambiance. Take in the quintessential scenery of the magnificent landscape of Hakone.

As you pass through the lush bamboo forest while listening to the gentle rustling of the bamboo leaves, the expansive sky and the pristine natural landscape reveals itself. The terrace is separated into two floors. On the upper floor, specially prepared benches are placed. We invite you to relax in peace and quiet while gazing at the mountain ridges as you feel the refreshing breeze. The lower floor is connected to the terrace of the guest lounge Awai, where food and drinks are served.

  • Counter

    Right outside the guest lounge is a bar counter surrounded by trees.

    The lower section of the forest terrace can be directly accessed from the guest lounge. There, you can sit at the bar counter where you can feel the trees closer to you than on the upper floor. Take lungfuls of the crisp, fresh air of the forest while enjoying your food and drink. The refreshing breeze that blows through makes this the perfect place to cool off after a soak in the bath.

  • Drink

    Delight in the luxury of enjoying an array of lounge menu items while surrounded by natural beauty.

    You can also enjoy the food and drinks served at the guest lounge on the forest terrace (lower floor). The menu items are served for free during free-flow time. A wide range of food and drinks are served, including soft drinks, coffee, and Shizuoka tea, alcoholic beverages like draft beer, sparkling wine, and red or white wine, as well as small sweets and finger foods to go with your drink. Take your pick from about 20 menu items.