Opening In 2nd Oct, 2020

The Water Terrace

The Water Terrace

The reflecting water reveals a wondrous sight. Enjoy a walk across the magical water feature.

This is Karaku's signature terrace, where you can be soothed by the gentle murmur of the flowing water. In this elegant space, guests are invited to walk along the stone slabs while taking in the view of the Himeshara trees that extol the seasons, and admiring the fleeting yet beautiful scenery of the inn reflected in the water, as well as the gentle moonlight. The benches placed inside the water feature are surrounded by water on all sides, making them a great place for commemorative photos. In the evening, the illumination turns this into an even more magical place.

  • Basin

    The scenery reflected on the water surface of the jet-black water feature is brought to life in crystal-clear transparency.

    By laying black tiles on the water feature, everything reflected on the water surface is brought to life more clearly. Walk along the stone slabs and down the stairs to experience the mysterious world of water up close.

  • Light Up

    Immerse yourself in a scene interwoven with light and water.

    Another highlight of the water terrace is the illumination that lights up as the sun sets. The soft rays of light shimmering in the water are nothing short of magical. We invite you to come for a stroll at night. At the restaurant Mutsuki, some seats offer a view of this scenery while you enjoy your meal.